NC Protection District


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Steven Marovich
Division Chief
NC Fire Protection District Liaison

CERTThe North County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is comprised of citizen volunteers trained tosupport our local community's professional emergency responders. Under the direction of the North County Fire Protection District, CERT members are trained to provide damage assessment, victim assistance, shelter management and evacuation guidance.

Following a major disaster, first responders who provide fireĀ  and medical assistance will not be able to immediately meet all of the demands for their services. The CERT program provides for community self-sufficiency in order to meet the general public's urgent life saving and sustenance needs until emergency personnel arrive.

As a CERT member you will be better prepared to take care of yourself, your family and your community in the event of a disaster. CERT members receive 24 hours of initial training (three hours per week for eight weeks). Continuing education programs, consisting of quarterly 3-hour refresher drills and full day exercises maintain team readiness.

Emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation can minimize the effects of disaster and facilate recovery. The benefits of this program are numerous and invaluable. Such as Firefighters and Citizens working together to build safer communities; expanding the bond between government and the general public; enhancing community spirit and improving the quality of life for people in your neighborhood. You too can make a difference by using CERT training.